Earth Race


Earth Race ( Date to be Announced)

The Earth Race is a green boat building contest and race. Local adults and students build boats out of plastic bottles and other recyclables to compete in a design contest and a chance to have their boat pass the finish line first in the Earth Regatta.

Contest Rules and Competition

This is a green boat building contest to make boat’s out of plastic bottles and other recyclables to be raced on Bayou St John in the Earth Race. All boats will be designed & constructed before the day of the race and judged by invited guests and the crowd.


-Boats must be made of a minimum of 80% plastic bottles and recycled after the competition (more recyclable the better).
-All plastics should be washed and free of any fluids that might contaminate the bayou and all bottles must be capped.
-Boat size must be able to hold all crew members.
- Ok to use duct tape (1 roll max), wire, rope, mesh, netting, zip ties, twine may be used in the construction of the boat.
-All participants must provide their own pfd (personal flotation device) and paddle. All boats must pass a float test to be ready to use in the race.


- All entries must pass a float test before competing in the race. Teams will launch their boats with all team members aboard and it must pass a 2-minute float test.
-Teams will have the opportunity to repair and make necessary adjustments to the boats to ensure that they will float and carry all team members.

- 3 strikes and you're out. If the boat does not pass the float test after 3 tries it's disqualified.

*rules subject to change without notice from one year to the next. all rules posted August 1st will be the official rules for that competition.


-Teams will compete against other teams in their category (High School, College/University/ Local) divided by age group.
-Teams will race from the start of the course and back around the buoys, best time in the category wins.
-The goal is for the boat with the best time and best construction to win the category and compete in the finals for the best overall time and construction.
- Competition Schedule will be posted one week prior to the race day.


• Design- best design using 80% or more recyclables and must pass team float test.
• Speed- best time in each team category.
• Most Creative use of Recyclables
• Most recyclables used


• Best Overall Boat Design (in age group)- voted on Judges, and crowd
• Best time (in age group)
• Best time overall Best Construction overall ( last boat floating)
• Most Recyclables Used in Construction


• Junior Division- 6th grade to 8th grade
• Senior Division- 9th grade - 12th grade
• Adult Division over 18 years of age


Sign up or recruit a team, get your plastic bottles together and design a boat for the race. Registration is open to 5th - 12th grade, college/ university students and locals. Then get ready to compete in the 3rd Annual Bayou Paddlesports Earth Race. Teams encouraged to seek sponsorship by a local business.

-Early registration suggested but not required (see registration fees).

Registration Fees

• $30.00 enter a boat in the Earth Race.
• $45.00 late registration on the day of the race


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