Season Pass

Regular Season Pass

$199 + tax
$199 + tax for 20 single rentals
Regular Rates = $440 + tax for 20 rentals
SAVE $221!

$360 + tax
$360 + tax for 20 kayak or SUP rentals
Regular Rates= $700 + tax for 20 rentals
SAVE  $360!

We have created season passes for those of you who want to get out on the water often but don’t have the means to store or transport your gear. Purchase one of these passes at the bayou or online and get the card punched each time you paddle.

There are two options for your paddling preference:
$199 Regular Season Pass (good for 20 single kayak rentals)
$360 Pro Season Pass (good for 20 SUP or kayak rentals)

Where can I buy a 2021 SEASON PASS?

  • Go online to in the “STORE” tab under “GIFT CARDS / SEASON PASSES”
  • Purchase a SEASON PASS at the launch site at Bayou St John.
    • Web purchases can be mailed to you or as a gift.
    • Pay at the bayou and you can use it that day!

How much is the SEASON PASS? 2 OPTIONS:

    • $199 + tax for 20 single rentals during the Paddling Season (March 1-December 1)
    • Regular Rental Rates $440 + tax for 20 rentals= savings of $221!
    • All rentals are first come first serve, no reservations needed.
    • $360 + tax for 20 rentals KAYAK OR SUP during the Paddling Season (March 1-December 1)
    • Regular Rental Rates $700 + tax for 20 SUP rentals= savings of $360

How does it work?  How do I use it?

Meet us at our launch site at 1101 Florida Ave. in New Orleans, present the SEASON PASS, sign in we punch your card, we fit you with the right gear and you paddle for two hours. That’s it.

We’re open 9-7 Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday. Season is March 1- December 1)

What is the best time to paddle since it’s walk up service only?

All day long during the week (Thursday, Friday, Mondays) and weekend mornings and evenings are the best times to walk up and get available gear.

I’m thinking about getting a kayak but I like the SEASON PASS idea, why should I buy the SEASON PASS?

  • Never have to store your gear
  • Your gear will always be at the water as long as we’re open
  • Never have to transport your gear
  • We have plenty of parking and a clean restrooms to serve you at our launch site.

What else could I do with this season pass?

Give your SEASON PASS to anyone, got a friend in town that wants to go on an adventure while you’re at work. Makes a great gift!

What are the restrictions?

  • Two rentals per visit per day per SEASON PASS, no exceptions
  • Must bring Season Pass to paddle
  • Pass expires December 1 of that year
  • SEASON PASS not accepted during special events, regular paddling 9AM-7PM ONLY
  • Does not include Night Paddles, Date Night or any other special event
    No coupons, or additional discounts accepted for the purchase of this SEASON PASS.
  • No refunds, no exchanges, no reimbursement
  • No reimbursement for lost or stolen card

What if I get to the bayou and there aren’t any kayaks or SUP’s available?

We can put you on the call list. As soon as someone comes back and we don’t need that boat for reservations we’ll give you a call and it will be ready for you. Stay close because we’ll only hold that gear for 10 minutes. After that, it’s next person in line.