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HEY LOCALS! We all love this town and all the quirky ways that make her so special, and the most we can do to show our pride in our home is to make sure its natural beauty is available for all to enjoy. That means picking up after yourself and making sure that natural spaces stay natural and trash is disposed of properly.

The best way to prepare yourself for the outdoors is to practice responsible outdoor habits everywhere you go.

If you have trash to throw away and you don’t see a trash can, then wait til you do, or take it home to throw it away there. It’s simple; have a plan or even better – go out with items that don’t create trash.

In true New Orleans fashion, Bayou Paddlesports is hosting a CREATIVE SIGN CONTEST! To enter, create a ready-to-hang sign that cleverly tells the public what to do with their trash, emphasizing to dispose of it responsibly and not leave it behind.

Keep in mind many outdoor places don’t have trash cans, so the obvious trash can is not an option.


1) Design your sign*   
2) Take a photo   
3) Submit it below

We’ll then review and post submissions for community voting.

ENTRY DEADLINE: June 15, 2020
VOTING ENDS: June 16, 2020
PRIZES: $100 gift card from Bayou Paddlesports and cool swag from the Friends of Bayou St. John!

*Size 16″ x 18″, click for example. Signs must be durable enough to withstand the weather (and not become trash itself). Ten signs will be chosen by community vote and placed along the bayou so that everyone enjoying her beautiful banks and peaceful waters will know what to do. Prizes can be picked up or mailed out. 

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Our community is so creative, let's add to the fun!